Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Triple Play 2000: Slamming Sammy !

Only baseball game I ever bought, and I forgot how.

But I do remember that I got Triple Play 2000 because Sammy Sosa was on the cover.

This was the year after he'd hit 66 home runs and was battling with Mark McGwire in the home run race.

Pitching was fun with Kerry Wood and Jon Lieber. I kept the team as it was, making only the changes as the team made changes. It was fun closing with Tom Gordon and Rod Beck.

I took the Cubs as my team, (as I took all Chicago sports teams in video games) and won like 5 World Serieses. I only considered buying this game because I'd played Triple Play 97 that my cousin in New Jersey had...that was reasonably fun, I guess I could expect that and more...and...it was.

Very good introduction/assimilation to the game of baseball it was for me.

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