Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NFL GameDay 98: The Introduction of Polygonal Football

The whole reason I got it was because of the much-hyped Polygonal players. I didn't care that Madden 98 had an artificial AI.

The polygonal players were something I'd never seen before, and it sort of hinted at a size that football players could have. Prior to this game, there was very little sense of depth in football players. Madden 97, Gameday 97, all same depth motherfuckers.

The polygonal play was somewhat tough. It felt kinda stiff and limited. The only money plays I did have weren't streak plays but was this was arrow play from a Trips route which would get me 7 yards each down, so each drive was kind of a grind.

What was kind of cool was the stiff arm. It was cool to smack down would-be tacklers even though I rarely ever saw that in the real game.

A notable accomplishment in this game: I created then-current Bears running back 6'1, 244-lb Curtis Enis and made him a 1000 yard rusher! BAMN!

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