Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bust A Groove 2: Music I Still Get Down 2

Originally my little sister's video game.

I never liked button pushing in rhythm games (see Parappa the Rappa). I didn't have rhythm or patience to press in sync, especially to watch these video game characters dance.

However, the game itself had many interesting settings, characters, and songs. Maybe my sister'd beaten the game, I sure hadn't. I only paid attention whenever I liked a song, and I damn near liked all the songs.

I liked the character Heat, and his stage's theme song. He was pretty much the Ryu of the game, least for me: the versatile, standard, straightedge protagonist. His theme song reminded me of Pau Gasol and Dirk Nowitzki, especially the bridge part.

The stage I liked the most belonged to the little girl Shorty. Her theme song was "Happy Heart in the Sunshine" at some kind of Theme Park. Loved it so much that I downloaded the Japanese version of the song. That song is fucking candy for your ear, if you like to be upbeated.

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