Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wrestlemania The Arcade Game: Yokozuna!

Another one of JDA's games.

This one I enjoyed a little more than Battle Arena Toshinden.

A WWF Wrestling game when it was called the WWF. Not sure what it's called nowadays.

I don't remember if there was ever a point to this game, but I just chose Yokozuna and cheesed it up to the extent that I could. Him or Bam Bam Bigelow.

Go strong Asian video game characters!

Battle Arena Toshinden: JDA's Game

JDA being my cousin from New Jersey.

He gave me this game sort of as a gift, to which I was absolutely shocked. It was money he was giving away to me, but who was I to object.

Battle Arena Toshinden was 3-D fighting and with weapons. It was cool for like 5 minutes, then I'd probably get back to playing Madden 97.

Dance Dance Revolution: I liked the music

Completely, utterly, totally, my little sister's video game.

We have the platform as well of course.

A game I only played a handful of times and had no attachment to other than hearing my sister play it. And when she played it I got used to the music, which grew on me like pubic hair. "If you were here" was my ringtone out of college, "Put Your Faith in Me" reminded me of the Asian-y atmosphere at UCLA.

My sister played the game so much that she won a contest in her school.

Madden 2001: Awesome Last Effort on the Playstation 1

There was a Madden 2001 for the newly-minted Playstation 2.

I figured that Playstation 2 would have to chop down it's prices eventually and so I didn't get that game.

Instead for Christmas, it was Madden 2001 for the Playstation 1.

The game was serious fun. It was the furthest I'd gone with a Madden game. Previous to that I was only able to get to second base. Heh. Heh.

By then, the dynasty mode had been worked on and there was a whole Post-season Management. I particularly loved Player progression, the NFL Draft, Preaseason, and Depth Chart. I chose the Bears as my dynasty team.

Of course I added Charles Woodson, Champ Bailey as my corners, legitimately. Had them locked up for quite the longest time. I got all other fill-in talent through the draft. Of course I drafted whoever rated high in speed at any position and built my teams all around that. L.Dumler was a motherfuckin' beast on the right end.

It was the same with running backs, wide receivers, and quarterbacks. Draft whoever was fast and watch the develop into stars.

NFL Talent evaluation was so easy back then.

NCAA 2000: I liked the music?

NCAA 99 was a really really fun game.

NCAA Football 2000, I bought at Toys R Us, discounted at $29.99.

Everything was much cleaner in that game, however, it wasn't as exciting as 99 for me.

One good thing about it though was the main menu music. Felt very high schoolish or worldly high schoolish, like cheerleading championship hype music. I kinda liked it, and I re-played their songs in my head before my high school cross country races and while staring at white, freckled, red-headed girls with braces run races as well.

Yeah, NCAA Football 2000 was about the main menu music. Sorry.

Madden 99: Bitch to NCAA Football ;99

I didn't buy this game when it immediately came out. I bought it on sale at a Toys R Us.

I think I bought it after I'd bought the used NCAA 99 just to import NCAA players over.

Wasn't too excited about this version of Madden, but it did have the Play Creator and the Swim Move.

I think I wanted to see if Steve Maris and Bo Simmons would get drafted. I think they did.

NFL GameDay 98: The Introduction of Polygonal Football

The whole reason I got it was because of the much-hyped Polygonal players. I didn't care that Madden 98 had an artificial AI.

The polygonal players were something I'd never seen before, and it sort of hinted at a size that football players could have. Prior to this game, there was very little sense of depth in football players. Madden 97, Gameday 97, all same depth motherfuckers.

The polygonal play was somewhat tough. It felt kinda stiff and limited. The only money plays I did have weren't streak plays but was this was arrow play from a Trips route which would get me 7 yards each down, so each drive was kind of a grind.

What was kind of cool was the stiff arm. It was cool to smack down would-be tacklers even though I rarely ever saw that in the real game.

A notable accomplishment in this game: I created then-current Bears running back 6'1, 244-lb Curtis Enis and made him a 1000 yard rusher! BAMN!