Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Need for Speed High Stakes: Hot Pursuit!!!

I got this game along with a driving set for my 15th Birthday.

This game I asked for a very particular purpose: to hone my driving skills.

I don't know that I ever finished the objective of the game, all I did was play the Hot Pursuit. Always played the evasive Need for Speedster. The pattern of the game was somewhat predictable: they police would catch you once, you'd get a warning or the first ticket. Second time your second ticket. Third time, they'd lay the spike strip, which you'd have to know how to evade.

I think I always ended up getting caught. Yay, law enforcement. I only wish law enforcement consisted of saucy-lipped scantily-clad, big-butted, big-boobed, curvy Brazilian women.

That would be the ultimate Dream hot pursuit.

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