Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NBA Live 99: The Game That Taught Me to Value Speed

I bought this game at a video game store in the Glendale Galleria used. I think I bought after going to church or something.

No matter.

This was the game made while Michael Jordan was in his first retirement, which was basically the death of Chicago Bulls basketball for me. I got this game after the NBA Lockout of 1999, and played it for 2 years.

As a Bulls fan, I kept fidelity to the Bulls roster post Michael Jordan. With every move for Bryce Drew, a drafting of Dalibor Bagaric, or Marcus Fizer I created a corresponding player in the video game allocating their skills, according to their NBA Draft net profiles, and added the new acquisitions with optimism. This kinda led me to thinking that players might've been better than they were. I held out hope for Dalibor Bagaric for the longest time.

Then of course, he walked into a game with his shorts on backwards.

The actual game itself privileged the ability of the power forward to beat his opponents in a fast break. It was all about speed. When I liked Allen Iverson for a quick second (at about the time he was leading the 6ers to a Championship run), I singlehandledly throttled the Lakers. However, simple things in the shooting motions such as layups and close shots were a struggle.

Despite it's shortcomings, the game was as solid a simulation for me until I transitioned over to a Playstation 2.

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