Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knockout Kings 2000: The Birth of Rocky Juarez

The first and only boxing game I ever owned.

This was before Manny Pacquiao was popular for Filipinos like me everywhere.

It was relatively easy to pick up. It was a more sophisticated version of the classic button-mashing game (see Ninja Turtles ultra), only you were throwing combinations of punches. Combinations of punches that were called flurries. Pretty much what you had to do all game, while avoid getting hit. I used to focus on beating the computer opponents body with flurries aimed at the body. This would set up punches to the face. Simple formula to victory, however you had to be more mindful when your fighter wasn't too big.

What was really fun was creating the boxer and taking him through the ranks. I created a fighter named Rocky Juarez. Don't remember how far he ended up, but I think he could beat the current actual Muhammad Ali. That is the really old and retired one. Not sure about the Muhammad Ali in the video game or in the past though.

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