Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Medal of Honor: A Headache

I bought Medal of Honor in 1999 at some Video game store at the Glendale Galleria because I wondered why I couldn't just like the ordinary games that other boys my age liked. I really only liked sports games.

A first-person shooter where you used different guns depending on the situation.

I kept wondering why I could stay alive after many gunshots but my enemies would die on the first bullet I lodged on them. Hmm...I guess I was a really really elite soldier or something.

The game was actually as satisfying as game reviews revealed it would be. One of the best shooters ever! I had gotten over 83% of all missions completed.

But then one day, my head started hurting. Every time I looked at the screen and tried to play this game, I would feel dizzy. A jarring dizziness. It was like one of Wolverine's claws was trying to escape from my skull...I couldn't play this game anymore.

And so the game's still there. Saved on the memory card. 83% completed.

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